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Electric City Nerds

Aug 31, 2017

Ian and Derick from WVRM join our first episode. WVRM is the current Grind passion project of the two musicians but we have a deeper history. We discuss the legendary days of Ricky’s Cabin and the young metal scene of years ago. WVRM being a seasoned original project with attitude brings hope that the upstate may see...

Aug 26, 2017

The eclipse / Matt’s text / Trying to get BBQ / Star Trek Discovery Sep 24th / Comic and novel / Jack Kirby 100 years / Dragon Con expecting record breaking attendance / Han Solo movie drops Michael K Williams / David Harbour as Hellboy / Twin Peaks / The sixth sense / Defenders / Tusk / Queens of the Stone Age /...

Aug 19, 2017

Tusk is a smart and interest work of art that balances Kevin Smith style humor with torture porn style horror.


Kevin Smith


Kevin Smith

Aug 12, 2017

Download ASMR Youtube channels / Matt's trip to NJ / The canceled concert / Best wishes to '68 / Electric City Comicon / Curse Words Van Tour /

Aug 2, 2017

Our Film Flams of the Terminator saga has come to an end. An end that returns to it's beginning. The Genesis installment of the Terminator franchise starts before the opening of the first movie. The story actually covers the chronological distance of the entire series. The Terminator series was fun to cover in Film...