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Electric City Nerds

Mar 28, 2017

SC Comicon / Would you Rather / Youtube - Electric City Nerds / Optometrist / Greenville waitress thought I was on drugs and invited me to a party / found a Walking Dead #1 randomly in the back issue box. / Mars Argo  /  The Computer Show / The Computer Show ends / Everybody just wants it all video / 3:36 / That Poppy -...

Mar 19, 2017

Download One of David's favorite childhood movies, The classic Hercules starring Lou Ferrigno. This is an icon movie that represents a genre and time period of movie history. Plus it has plenty of scantily clad ladies in ridiculous costumes. Lou Ferrigno is Jacked and throws bears into Space, Check it out if you haven't...

Mar 15, 2017

Review of The Walking Dead episode Bury Me Here. With no ECN this week I decided to post the most recent episode of Talk Tha Walk. This was a really great episode but spoiler filled, If you don't watch TWD and plan to someday watch it, this will ruin some things for you.

Mar 12, 2017

Logan / Hugh Jackman says that Jerry Seinfeld told him to stop playing Wolverine / Empire! empire! / Alkaline Trio / Hulu is stepping up their interface. / Netflix wants more Gilmore Girls 

Mar 5, 2017

Oskar debacle / Meeting al gore / irrational fear of watching Breaking Bad / Bryan Cranston in Electric Dreams / ARG and the Cloverfield universe / Alien Covenant Prologue / Alien Covenant Trailer 2 / Milo - Geometry and Theology / U.S. Bombs - The 4th of July / incubus / Legion episode 1-3 / Trekkies / Bate’s...