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Electric City Nerds

Dec 23, 2017

Strange Gifts / Excellent Protest Against House Parties / Matt and Scott bet / Stuck in Orlando / Earbud of the year 2017 / Bush The Science of Things / Touche Amore / Bad Cop Bad Cop - Amputations

Dec 16, 2017

src="" height="90" width="100%" placement="top" theme="custom" Download Join in as Bo and David watch the classic Sci-Fi...

Dec 3, 2017

Baby Birth videos / Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Kim Jong Un / Jim & Andy / I love you america / PUP / Silver Chair / Iron reagan

Nov 24, 2017

David (Nerd Culture Podcast / Film Flams) joins us to discuss the mid-season finale and what we expect to see in the next half. Could Captain Lorca be from the mirror universe? Many fan theories discussed in this episode. Grab your tinfoil hat and listen along.