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Electric City Nerds

Aug 12, 2017

Download ASMR Youtube channels / Matt's trip to NJ / The canceled concert / Best wishes to '68 / Electric City Comicon / Curse Words Van Tour /

Aug 2, 2017

Our Film Flams of the Terminator saga has come to an end. An end that returns to it's beginning. The Genesis installment of the Terminator franchise starts before the opening of the first movie. The story actually covers the chronological distance of the entire series. The Terminator series was fun to cover in Film...

Jul 24, 2017

RIP George A. Romero / RIP Chester Bennington / Night of The Living Dead / The New Doctor / Matt's horrible day / Twin Peaks: The Return / Rebel flag capital of the world / Cigarette stories / Toilet cleaners at NASA / Abandoned videos

Jul 21, 2017

Here it is! The LOST episode! David and I are THE BIGGEST LOST fans in the tri-state area. We're going in deep this episode to discuss time travel paradoxes, grandfather paradoxes, and polar bears. If you had any questions about the show LOST we try our best to answer those questions. The only thing I can really promise...