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Electric City Nerds

Jun 19, 2017

** SPOILERS ** David and I talk about the series finales that we both love and hate. Below is time stamps for every show that we talk about. There are legit series finally spoilers in this podcast so use the time stamps below to avoid shows you haven't watched. 3:30 - saint elsewhere 5:15 - terriers 10:00 - how i met...

Jun 17, 2017

Fashion Shack Commercial / It Comes At Night / Minecraft story / Guardians of The Galaxy / Wonder Woman / Southeast Linux Fest / Chewie Vs. Jar Jar panel / Nova Javelin recording session / Intimidated by Gyms / Treadmill...

Jun 8, 2017

This episode Scott and I catch up on some long needed Star Trek talk. The new Star trek Discovery trailer looks rad but what's up with Klingon ridges? Can Scott, without seeing the movie, predict the entire plot of Alien: Covenant?

Jun 6, 2017

*** THIS SHOW CONTAINS SPOILERS **** This is the pilot episode of a new Electric City Nerds Spin off, ECN Spoiler Show. This show does contain spoilers for each TV show we talk about. I provided a list of time stamps for each TV show discussed in this podcast. 5:15 - Mr Robot Season 1 -2 27:15 - Fargo seasons 1 - 3...