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Electric City Nerds

Mar 20, 2018

Card skimming at gas stations / United delivers dog to japan / RIP Stephen Hawking / Avengers: Infinity War part 1 trailer / Anderson hit Australian news / BTBAM / Can You Feel It - The Jacksons 1980 / Happy Death Day / Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse - Christopher Landon / sneaky pete

Mar 10, 2018

This week's Film Flam is one of my favorite movies; Mallrats. Probably the best view askewniverse movie and the first one I saw as a young, soon-to-be Kev smith fan. Watch and listen along as David and I fanboy this peace of 90s cultural history.

Mar 8, 2018

Scott's trip / My Mandela effect / Facebook weed proposition / Nova Javelin Recording 2 new songs / Maron / Travel Man / Locked up / Killing the dream / Dessa “Fire...

Feb 18, 2018

We round out the end of our Aline series with the final (chronologically speaking) installment; Alien: Resurrection. This movie has some redeeming qualities but overall is a prime example of how you can have all the right people involved and all the best intentions but still miss the mark. Also there was a giant...